Web hosting service is a hosting service on Internet that allows the webmasters to get their web site accessed through World Wide Web. There are large number of companies that provide web space on their server for their clients and also provide Internet connectivity normally in a data center. Web site hosting companies can also provide data center space and Internet connectivity to the servers that are not located at their data centers. These are called co locations.

There can be various types of website hosting services. Free website hosting services are generally advertisement supported web site hosting service. Generally in free web site hosting all the domains share a common address followed by the website name and share the common resources such as RAM and CPU, that makes the system slow. In shared website hosting the clients web site is placed on the same server as of many other web sites and may share a common server RAM and CPU. The options and support provided in the free web site hosting and shared web site hosting services is very less compared to the paid website hosting.

In dedicated web site hosting service the user can get full control over his web server but generally do not own the server. Other form of dedicated web site hosting service is the Virtual Dedicated Server in which a number of virtual servers are created in a single server. This acts as if each user has his own dedicated server. Whereas in case of clustered web site hosting service multiple servers host the same content which results in better source utilization and better performance and traffic control on the servers.

The World Wide Web has all the information stored in the form of web pages that in turn are residing in the web servers. These servers are of different kinds and capacities. The hosting companies own these servers and rent out the server space for money. The client who buys this server space can now put his information or data that he wants to make available on World Wide Web in this server space. For web hosting suitable hardware and software are also required. The user also needs to register a domain name or the web site name so that his contents are available under a unique web address. Web hosting companies may also provide with data center space and Internet connectivity.

Web hosting companies are providing the users with a cyber space to put their web content on it. Now days the competition between the web space providers have brought down the cost to very nominal levels. All that the user has to do is to become the member and pay the fee, and the provider will give the key to the cyber space on his server in form of username and password.

Once the hosting companies give the charge to the users in form of user name and password, the space buyer can log on using its username and password and upload his contents to the cyber world to be accessed by all.

Apart from just giving the users some cyber space these web hosting companies are also providing additional features to lure the space buyers. These companies are providing with technical support and sometimes a well structured interface in which the user can make his web contents and upload to the server in very user friendly way. Also the companies provide with email support so that the user can use his domain to receive and send emails.