Are you confused about web hosting and the terms that are been used on the website. Here is a few descriptions of web hosting terms to help you understand further.


The term “bandwidth” is used as a name to measure the traffic on your website. Every time a visitor opens your website, more bandwidth is used. If a visitor clicks on another page of your website then this is also counted as use of bandwidth. With many companies these days, you will get unlimited bandwidth included with the package price but you must be aware that a fair use policy may apply to ensure the stability of the company offering the service.

Basic information web hosting

If your website allows users to upload or download files, then this could use a significant amount, online flash games or videos that are uploaded to your site will also use a lot due to the videos and games that have to stream to play. For high traffic video and game sites, you may require a dedicated server as a shared server will be very slow for your visitors and your success will be less likely.


This is the term used to describe the amount of data (files) you can upload to your server. All of your websites files, videos and games will take up the diskspace. Videos and games have larger file sizes and more diskspace will be required.