In order to have your website online, you’ll need to host the web files on a computer that is accessible from all over the world. What a web hosting provider does is to host your website on such kind of computer (namely web servers) and connect it to the world via Internet. Web Hosting can be understood as the home (the space and structure) for your website.

Throughout years of development, web hosting business had matured into an industry where mom and pop webmasters are able to host huge websites with tons of complicated web functions in a relative low price. Hosting connections are fast nowadays. Bandwidth and disk storage cost are as well cheap and very affordable.

Generally, commercial web hosting can be grouped into two major categories: Dedicated server hosting and shared server hosting. A dedicated server hosting simple means having the entire server serving only one website; while on the other hand shared hosting means a server is shared by several websites. So far shared hosting is still used by the majority as the cost is much cheaper when compare with a dedicated server hosting.

When selecting for the right hosting, pricing, reputation, hosting features, quality of customer supports, and real customer feedbacks are often the major consideration factors. Consumers should note that web hosting is a luxurious business and hosting companies are trying all their best in order to win market segment. Be aware of scams and over promised hosting offers – work only with hosting company that runs on a clear refund policy.

A good web host is crucial for your success online. In fact it’s the most important fundamentals for your website. Be very careful when it comes to web hosting shopping.