All You Can Eat in Harare – Best Restaurants

Zimbabwe is known as one of the most beautiful African countries and Harare, is unquestionably the country’s beating heart. The magnanimous city of Harare justifiably holds this eminent title for it has all that a capital city ought to have.

Upon booking cheap flights to Harare, many visitors are left completely mesmerized as soon as they realize the natural beauty embedded within its boundaries. Adding even more flavor to the city’s exoticism is its comfortingly composed environment. Although Harare has a bustling vibe about its lifestyle, contrary to a perception of dullness and boredom that some of you might have about Africa in general, you wouldn’t find cramped streets and bloating avenues as a common sight in Harare. More of a premeditated city, Harare is home to some of the richest men in Zimbabwe and hence holds an abundance of chic restaurants, flashy lights five star lodgings and gorgeously nourished parks and gardens.

When it comes to Local African and Zimbabwean cuisines, Harare’s restaurants are known as the choice of the top notch. Not only would visitors find a nice decor complemented by an alluring atmosphere, but the food served at most places is simple finger licking good. Let’s have a brief glance at some of the top restaurants in Harare.

Seasons Restaurant:

Probably the best restaurant in Harare that offers an exquisite blend of efficient services, delicious food and a perfect environment to dine in, Seasons Restaurant is a must visit. Guests have the option to choose from either an elegant indoor dinning or taking a seat at the refreshing garden setting of the restaurant. There are two sections to the restaurant that offer extensive varieties in their own spheres; The Bamboo Inn offers some of the finest Chinese delicacies. Its Specialties include sweet and sour Pork, noodles and Rice and special Spring Rolls.

If Chinese cuisines are not your thing than shift to the rich Seasons menu which offers scrumptious deals of Juicy steaks, crunchy burgers, ribs, various chicken and beef dishes and a range of varying style salads. Seasons provides the best environment to enjoy a true mouth watering treat.

La Fontaine:

If it’s a special occasion that you’re looking to celebrate in Harare you don’t need to search around the city for an appropriate venue. La Fontaine Grill Room is just the right place. Residing in one of Harare’s most popular 5 star hotels, Meikles Hotel, La Fontaine would give a delicate mix of sophistication, luxury and fine dining. The restaurant offers a variety of a la carte and French delicacies as its specialties.

Fusion Cafe Bar:

Basically a very popular bar and dance club in Harare, Fusion Cafe Bar offers one of the best Sushi in town. Further, the cafe offers a delightful lunch deals on a beautiful balcony on the race days. Coupled with enchanting music, Lunch time at Fusion cafe is indeed not worth missing.

Victoria Twenty-Two:

Revive the traditional feel of Harare at this historic building which once served as a colonial house in the British era. Victoria Twenty-Two is now considered as a high standard restaurant now with a quite a formal atmosphere and sophisticated dinning. Moreover, the food served here is amazing.

Apart from the above hand-picked restaurants also try out Arnaldo’s Restaurant, Bannies restaurant & Coffee shop and a few more whenever you get a chance to book cheap flights to Harare.

My Personal Guide to the Best Restaurants in Leeds

Due to the amount of competition between businesses in a city like Leeds you are likely to find it harder to find a bad restaurant than a good one. This is a little self penned guide on some of my favourite dinner destinations in Leeds.

Chaophraya (pronounced Chow-pie-a) When I came back from a holiday in Thailand a friend introduced me to Chaophraya for the first time in an attempt to cure my post traveling blues. I loved the restaurant so much that I have been back countless times since. Chaophraya is an award winning (yes you guessed it) Thai restaurant that has been voted by none other than The Times as the best vegetarian restaurant in the UK and best restaurant in town by Harden’s Good Food Guide. Located in Leeds City centre it is a great location to eat if you are planning on going out to a bar afterwards, thus saving the money you would spend on a cab to sample as many dishes as possible! The ridiculously reasonably priced restaurant also offers tempting lunch specials in the daytime which I also thoroughly recommend.

Flying Pizza on Street Lane in Leeds used to be one of the only places to ‘see and be seen’ in. You will still frequently find polished Ferraris and Lamborghinis outside the glass front of the restaurant and might even be ‘lucky’ enough to spot a famous footballer or two. Well, that was when Leeds United was …good, now things may be a little different. Flying Pizza still has a die hard fan base though, and for good reason. The thin crispy bases of the pizzas are unlike any other pizzas I have tasted outside of Italy, and the beautifully stringy and inexplicably tasty mozzarella is to DIE for. They do an excellent steak and if it’s your birthday expect to be launched into standing position on your chair while the whole room is encouraged to sing Happy Birthday in typical exuberant Italian style.

Anthony’s is Located in the centre of Leeds in Trevelyan Square off Boar Lane. I admit that I have never actually been there but after hearing amazing things from family and friends and then reading this review by the badly tempered Giles Coren:

“If you only eat at one restaurant this year, for Christ’s sake don’t make it Anthony’s. It’ll scare the living crap out of you.”

I thought that if it could scare the living crap out of Giles Coren then I definitely wanted to go. Of course all the reviews of Anthony’s are good. The chef is purported to be a genius and the food served is the kind that is offered up to delighted bemusement in The Fat Duck, which surely everyone must have heard of by now so if you haven’t, look it up. The restaurant looks fabulous from the outside with its thick gleaming glass and classy signature sign and with deserts like pink pepper cinder toffee with apricot mouse…….you can count me in.

Wasabi Teppan-Yaki sits in Granary Wharf and is the best place for a first date meal. The names gives away that the food is Japenese, but this is no ordinary Japanese restaurant in Leeds. The menu has some excellent meat and fish options cooked with traditional Japenese panache and you can choose to watch the chef’s cook it right at your table. The Teppan-Yaki table is like a large table with a hole and a giant cooking platter. You sit around the table and watch the chef entertain you with your food before it melts deliciously in your mouth so you and your date definitely won’t be stuck for conversation between chews!

It’s Time to Wine and Dine at San Diego’s Best Restaurants

Food is a universal language that blends anywhere and everywhere. Even if there are differences with culture, way of living and the taste of food, worldwide any country and any place will always have a huge variety of food that can tangle anyone’s taste buds. San Diego is not just known for it’s scenic beauty. but it is also known for the varieties of different mouth watering, taste bud tangling restaurants.

The Merk Bistro Italiano is situated on Fifth Avenue which is just six blocks away from the, San Diego convention center, this restaurant is known for its mild and tasty Italian flavors with a Californian twist to add that extra flavor in whatever you eat.

Bertrand at Mister A is not just known for its spectacular view and great tasting, finger licking food however it is also listed as one of the best penthouse restaurants of America. This beautiful pent house restaurant is situated on Fifth Avenue San Diego is known for its American Cuisine

Mille Fleurs which is situated at Rancho Santa Fe, California is known for its ability to blend elegance with causality, sophistication with the country touch. It has received the honor of being one of the top twenty-five restaurants in America according to the Food and Wine Magazines.

With a variations of the different tastes that are all over the world, it just gets better and better the restaurants that are listed above are just to name a few of San Diego Best Restaurants. There are lots more that can be added to this list, however it is best to go there, be there and experience the variety of food that is available with San Diego Best Restaurants which truly is a must try and taste to tingle your taste buds in every way.