It’s Time to Wine and Dine at San Diego’s Best Restaurants

Food is a universal language that blends anywhere and everywhere. Even if there are differences with culture, way of living and the taste of food, worldwide any country and any place will always have a huge variety of food that can tangle anyone’s taste buds. San Diego is not just known for it’s scenic beauty. but it is also known for the varieties of different mouth watering, taste bud tangling restaurants.

The Merk Bistro Italiano is situated on Fifth Avenue which is just six blocks away from the, San Diego convention center, this restaurant is known for its mild and tasty Italian flavors with a Californian twist to add that extra flavor in whatever you eat.

Bertrand at Mister A is not just known for its spectacular view and great tasting, finger licking food however it is also listed as one of the best penthouse restaurants of America. This beautiful pent house restaurant is situated on Fifth Avenue San Diego is known for its American Cuisine

Mille Fleurs which is situated at Rancho Santa Fe, California is known for its ability to blend elegance with causality, sophistication with the country touch. It has received the honor of being one of the top twenty-five restaurants in America according to the Food and Wine Magazines.

With a variations of the different tastes that are all over the world, it just gets better and better the restaurants that are listed above are just to name a few of San Diego Best Restaurants. There are lots more that can be added to this list, however it is best to go there, be there and experience the variety of food that is available with San Diego Best Restaurants which truly is a must try and taste to tingle your taste buds in every way.

Best Restaurants in Trondheim Norway

Best Trondheim Restaurants

When you make a trip to a country, the very first significant subject that occupies your mind are the following questions: Where are the best restaurants? Where are the affordable restaurants that serve nice and delicious dishes? You usually ask the last question at the end of trip since you have already spent your money and now you are looking for a restaurant with decent food and reasonable prices.

If you come to Norway and choose Trondheim, you might choose these restaurants. It is important to mention that Mattilsynet (Norwegian food safety authority) has a full control over the food hygiene and health. Their food inspectors visit each restaurant in order to make sure their food safety. They observe and detect the whole marked foods.

Let’s talk about different locations of great restaurants and their prices. If you live near City Syd, you can find Egon restaurant there. When you enter to their warm and nice restaurant, you sense the aroma of delicious food.

If you live near Tyholt in Trondheim, then you can dine at tower restaurant. While you have your meal the tower moves around its circle slowly and you get to see all over Trondheim from above.

Great budget restaurants

Prins Olav Grill: offers gourmet with various tradition Norwegian dish.

Viva Italia: Oh my God! Viva Italia! oh my God! You should really try to go there to taste their real Italian dish! Their kebab menu is from NOK 82 to NOK 108. Their baby menu is from NOK 30 to NOK 72. They put this tasty sauce over various dishes that is unbelievably delicious.

o Studentersamfundet They serve sandwiches and chocolate cakes for reasonable prices. They offer bed and breakfast for 150 NOK. The café Edgar serve some decent grub reasonably priced. The entrance is at the back of the building, and nearly unmarked. Go through the door and to the left.
o Hot Dog. You can buy a hot dog ( pølse med brød: [polse me broa] at any kiosk with condiments (syltetøy agurk [seal-te-toy agoork]) at any kiosk in Trondheim.
o Kafé Knaillhard. If you are vegetarian, you can eat here after 18:00 PM for only 25 kroner.
o Kebab at 1001 Natt: If you like to eat kebab, you can try 1001 natt’s kebab, located at Olav Tryggvasons gate ( down town).
o Kebab at Oska: located at Bakklandet serves dish kebab for NOK 90.
o Sesam: located right at the studentsamfundet.They serve one of the best hamburgers in Trondheim. Journalists wrote about their winner hamburgers several times ( 9 of 10 winner) in the local newspaper and the other newspapers! I usually try to stay away from eating at any kiosks but I trust their foods. They are also very friendly and nice people.
o Tavern is an old 18th century club. They serve every Tuesday potato dumplings with bacon and brown cheese sauce for NOK 100. This dish is one of the Norwegian peasant cuisine.
o Ramp: located at Strandveien, Svartlamon near Dora (where Germans built their submarines during world war II. They serve various dishes with decent price.
o Credo Bar is one of the best restaurants in Trondheim, with prices to match.

OUT OF 10:

Food 9: French technique with a bold palette of flavors.

Service 9:Charming and efficient despite the busy night.

Atmosphere 9: Lively but relaxed.

They have a bar on the 1st floor serving the daily special (choice between fish and meat) for NOK 110. It’s delicious! They serve 3-course dinner for NOK 220.

o Bakklandet Skydsstation: This restaurant has old Norwegian dish such as kjøttkaker[ shaut cakke] (meat cakes) and baccalao[bakka leaa] which is a dried, salted cod in a tomato sauce, delicious…trust me;), Baccalao is a traditional Nord land dish ( people who live in upper north love it). Traditional dish in Trondheim is Sodd. This is a Norwegian meatball dish. I usually add some spices in it to give it a much better flavor.
o Cafe Ni Muser, Prinsens gate. Nice, artsy café with good food and a big outdoor section. However it is a bit too close to the traffic-ridden Prinsens gate.
o Kaktus, Nedre Bakklandet 6. Located in a small, but wonderful Trondheim street serving a nice range of very tasty food. Includes some Mexican and plenty of steaks.
o Chablis, They serve good food, a brilliant bistro with a wonderful location across Old Town Bridge.

Best Restaurants in Ogden, Iowa

If by chance you happen to land in Ogden, Iowa and you decide you are hungry and would like to eat, then you will find that you have just a few choices.  Ogden, Iowa is not a metropolis and you surely won’t find McDonalds but I think you will satisfied with what you eat and where you eat it.

It’s not easy to determine the “best restaurant in Ogden, Iowa,” but one thing is for sure, it won’t take you long to figure out the best places to eat in Ogden, Iowa because there are only three or four I recommend.

You have the Country Chit Chat, BK’s Bar & Grill, The Boat House (Out by Don Willims), Hometown Food & Fuel, Clark’s, and good old Caseys.  I don’t want to leave out another little place called, “The Well.”  It’s more of a religious establishment that serves food.

The Chit Chat is known for their “homestyle country cooking” where BK’s is more of a tavern setting that serves a lot of fried foods.  Obviously Caseys is a convenience store that offers fried finger foods and carry out pizza.  The Boat House is a sit down cafe that has steaks, etc.  Hometown Foof and Fuel is like a Subway.  They serve sandwiches and pizza, with fried finger foods.

I don’t have enough room to review each of these places to you in this article but I can assure you that if you go to my main site you will be able to see my reviews in full.  It is not easy finding the best restaurant in Ogden, Iowa but after reading my reviews, you will know where to eat.

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