Some of the Best Restaurants Found in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

Minneapolis, Minnesota is known for its many lakes, cold, snowy winters and an unusual place for a rock star like Prince to call home. People who live there love the urban setting of the city surrounded by some of the gorgeous city lakes and the friendly Midwestern feel it has. They are prepared for the cold by using a system of above the ground tunnels to navigate their way throughout the city without having to go outside. Minneapolis was once considered to be a sort of cow town but has become a lot more sophisticated the past couple of decades and it shows in the kind of restaurants that are available now. Jobs in the fields of food delivery Minneapolis or restaurant delivery Minneapolis remain popular especially in the winter but locals will brave any elements to go out to eat at the best restaurants in the city.

One of the biggest things you will notice about restaurants in Minneapolis is how connected they are to providing locally grown and organic items on their menu. They fully support the local farmers and use as many locally grown goods as possible. This has been something people here have been doing long before it became trendy to do so.

112 Eatery is a great restaurant located in the warehouse district and is a two story structure complete with tin ceilings, exposed brick and great wooden furniture. Some of the favorite dishes to try at this place are chive risotto with crab, nori encrusted sirloin with ponzu and veal tongue with soba noodles. Another great restaurant located in the warehouse district is called Origami which is a great place to go on a date or head there after work with your friends to catch their amazing specials during happy hour. It is considered to be the best sushi place in the Twin Cities using fresh and high quality ingredients and offers different sushi rolls that have never been seen before made by their sushi chefs.

Another top rated Minneapolis restaurant is called Corner Table and is located in South Minneapolis. They use only fresh locally grown ingredients which result in great seasonal dishes. Most of the menu is served in tapas style which gives diners the chance to try a variety of different things. They also have larger entrees too served in the small, cozy and somewhat romantic setting inside that many people choose to go to Corner table for a special occasion.

Another great restaurant is 20.21 and is located at the famous Walker Art Center that offers great views of its sculpture garden and the skyline. It is one of the Wolfgang Puck restaurant group and has a great ambiance as well as delicious food. Some entrees are green Thai curry with seafood and grilled Mongolian lamb chops with cilantro mint and ginger vinaigrette. Do not forget to try one of the in house pastry chef’s desserts here too. Go to the Walker Art Center early to walk around and see the art and then head in to the restaurant for a great meal.