The Best Restaurants In Lake Havasu

A recent list of the top five restaurants in Lake Havasu has been published on a local real estate website generally featuring access to Lake Havasu City homes and rentals, as well as generalized information on the area. The list of restaurants to consider was created by a new resident to the area who had moved there one year earlier, and spent her free time exploring the city in search of the hidden gems and more interesting eating establishments. The article is prefaced stating that “this list is only the opinion of one resident, and does not necessarily endorse any establishment over another.”

A specific list of what one resident believes to be the best restaurants in the area from an unbiased standpoint may or may not be of value to you. After all, your opinions are probably very different than hers simply because your tastes are different, however the list was compiled to simply give a starting point to people who are recent transplants, and who may be looking for a simple and honest opinion about nightlife. Lake Havasu is a small town, and it can be quite difficult to find the better places without guidance.

The truncated list is as follows:

  1. Cha Bones
  2. Chico’s Tacos
  3. The Red Onion
  4. Barley Brothers Brewery
  5. The Turtle Grille

While the choices themselves are explained in depth on the list itself, going into not only the kind of food provided but also the ambiance, the typical dress of patrons and the addresses and phone numbers, a simple list of places to check out is usually very well responded to by those seeking advice. It is not meant to provide any kind of endorsement, only to provide an opinion of someone who has tried many establishments in the Lake Havasu area and has provided her opinion.

The list of restaurants is quite diverse, and covers everything from casual lunch places to fancier restaurants that you might want to dress up a little to patronize. It was created to not only provide advice for specific kinds of food but also the general experience that you would have. Nobody who dines out regularly only patronizes one type of place, and the list was created to illustrate the regular favorites that one person who has explored might formulate. Lake Havasu is a unique area with world class entertainment as well as down home charm, and the restaurants that are available are as diverse as the people who live there.