There are many web hosts to choose from these days as the market is getting stiffer by the day and hosting companies are trying to promote their services as much as they can. However, hosting plans can be mainly divided into free web hosts and paid web hosts. These hosting plans are self-explanatory by just looking at their names. If you are a budding webmaster, this article would be of utmost use in helping you understand what web hosting is.

Paid hosting comes in all sorts of packages. The prices depend largely on the services provided and the features offered. For instance, a dedicated server would be the top choice for professional websites, especially those designed for business purposes. With a dedicated server, you would be the sole user in that server and all resources would be at your disposal.

Shared hosting on the other hand can be considered as the most popular choice amongst Internet users, largely due to the inexpensive fees. For this hosting plan, many users come under a single server and all the websites would be sharing the available resources amongst themselves.

There are quite a number of advantages that you can procure from hosting packages. You would be provided with your own web space to store all your data and files. You can get them uploaded to your website any time you wish. And what’s more, web hosts usually provide more than enough disc space for your daily use. To be frank, the more expensive the package, the more disc space you would be offered.

Another perk from hosting is that you would be provided with your own free e-mail. Your e-mail address would correspond to your website’s name. Bear in mind that presenting yourself in such a way would convince visiting users your professionalism. This element is vital if you are running an online business as first impression play a huge role in closing deals in the future.

Furthermore, bandwidth comes with the package where web hosting is concerned. A larger bandwidth allows larger amounts of information to be transferred through the Internet. Please understand that this feature plays an important role if you website is loaded with lots of images, photos or videos. Without sufficient bandwidth, incoming Internet users would find themselves waiting for ages just to load a single file.

In summary, web hosting is a must if you are interested in creating a website of your own. After reading through the article above, I’m sure that you have quite an idea of what to expect from web hosting.