Nowadays, there are many web hosting providers with various hosting services. When you first visit the providers’ homepage, you are probably unsure of what kind of hosting service you should get for your website. Thus, here are some of web hosting terminologies to help you understand better about web hosting.

1. Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is a quite common hosting service, primarily for small to medium websites. When using it, your website will be hosted on a server that is able to contain hundreds or thousands of websites. Because there are plenty of websites on a shared server, in order not to affect other sites you are often limited about bandwidth and storage capacity. In contrast, when other sites use too many server resources, it also affects your site. Therefore, the average price for the Shared Hosting is only about 4-5 US Dollars. There are 2 types of Shared Hosting: Linux and Windows.

2. Linux Hosting:

With this one you can use the tools that are designed on Linux. It is consistent with PHP and Perl language websites and other common open source code such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. You do not need to know the command lines in Linux to be able to use Linux Hosting since there’s graphics interface in the hosting management that is easy to use.

3. Windows Hosting:

If your website is designed using ASP language and Microsoft’s tools, Windows Hosting is the right choice. The price of Windows Hosting is usually higher than Linux one.

4. VPS Hosting:

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, in other words it is a virtual server. A strong configuration server can install multiple virtual machines. When owning VPS, you have the management power to one of the server’s virtual machines. VPS Hosting is used for the high traffic sites. You can fully restart VPS as you want because there is only your site on VPS. However, when the server goes down, the entire VPS on that sever also collapse.

5. Dedicated Hosting:

If your website has a high traffic, Web Hosting becomes important. You might not use the Shared Hosting or VPS one as these 2 services often contains a lot of other sites that might affect your site. Using the Dedicated Hosting, you will be supplied with a separate server, which contains only your site, and you will have full control of it. As a result it is also more expensive than the Shared and VPS one.

6. Managed Hosting:

The hosting services (especially VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting), are normally divided into 2 types: Managed and Unmanaged one. With the Managed Hosting, the configuration installation on the server will be done by technical staff. If you already know how to install it, you might get it. This one is also more expensive than Unmanaged one.

7. Colocation:

Similar to the Dedicated Hosting, you also get your own server for your site. However, in the Dedicated Hosting, you rent the server from the provider. In this one, you might use your own server. The provider will locate your server in the Data Center or in other words, Colocation is a space rental service and infrastructure services to connect the servers to the Internet. Colocation is only interesting for the big companies who want to have a full control of their activities. The price for the Colocation service is the highest.