A service or technique that provides you the facility of getting your own space on the internet and getting your web site or web page published there is known as web hosting. Once you get the space on the net after that you can upload any file like music file, video or an image that too in any format, but keeping in mind the space you have got on the internet.

As we all are aware of the fact that internet is becoming major source of the economy today, every company and big business tycoons are entering to the world of internet. Many of the transactions are now done online, by this both the time and money is saved. Person sitting in India can send or receive money from anywhere in the world and all this has become possible only because of web hosting.

People or companies that are in need of a web host should be careful before hiring the website company. It is not an easy decision to make to choose good website host as there are many options available in the market. User is required to do some task before getting to any conclusion. To get a hold over the market companies provide many attractive offers to the users to trap them.

There are mainly two types of companies, free hosts and one that is paid. Obviously a new comer will first consider the free web hosting companies, after all he will get a free service, but it is not such. It is always recommended to hire a paid web host if you are seriously in a mood of making a web site that will be profitable for your business.

First we will talk about free web companies so that you may come to know why it can be a wrong decision for you to hire a free host. A website host that is providing you a free service might not charge you as the service is for free but what he will do is display the advertisement on your website which becomes the source of earning for the service provider. You remain in a false impression that the company is providing you free service and making your web site for free, also posting it on internet by providing you space. Beside this company befools you in many other ways, they provide you less bandwidth, because of which the traffic on your site is very less. No customer support is given by the free web hosts.

Now let’s come on to the paid web hosting companies. Paid web companies will of course charge you but will provide you the quality service. They will provide you a good bandwidth rate which will of 50 MB for personal and 500 MB for the small companies as there is no sense for paying more than what you use. The paid service provider will provide you the best service by customer support which is most important for the customer, as in the case of emergency lots time gets saved if the problem is solved online.