We need to consider when talking about web host the different types of servers as well as databases and email and FTP. So at this point you have the server, the name, the amount of space, and the quantity of bandwidth per month, so now we will look at the type of server your site is hosted on.

Server Types

When we talk about server type we are usually talking about the operating system that the server is running on. Some of the more common types of servers are Windows, Linux, Apache and UNIX. One of the primary differences between the different types of servers is that Windows servers tend to be on the more expensive side as opposed to Linux and UNIX servers. But, the money you will spend up front will be well spent in the long end.


Now we have got you all the things you need to get going so far, the next thing that we need to talk about is email. In the world we live in today it is of vital importance that you have an email account. If you want to run a successful surf board business then you will need to have an email account to effectively do business. Most of your free accounts will not offer email accounts, therefore you may have to purchase an add on plan that will give you access to email. Many of the dedicated servers will give you several email boxes that range from 10 to an unlimited number of accounts.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP is commonly used to transport files up to a server, hence the name File Transfer Protocol. Pretty much if a host does not offer FTP then your life will be exceptionally hard in getting your files uploaded to the server.


Now we come to the end of the road as we have discussed all the services that you need to have a successful website, now comes the part where we discuss the two most important aspects, up-time and price. A beautiful website is of no use if it is not able to be seen by the rest of the world due to the server being down. Keep this in mind no server stays up 100{a737ea6eacc5e5a7aa8e2f034282618270eab64ed4a65a3d17cffd2a3c582da7} of the time, there will be times that the server has to be down for system maintenance. A server that has an up-time of around 90{a737ea6eacc5e5a7aa8e2f034282618270eab64ed4a65a3d17cffd2a3c582da7}-99{a737ea6eacc5e5a7aa8e2f034282618270eab64ed4a65a3d17cffd2a3c582da7} is considered acceptable.


The last thing that we need to discuss is of course how much is all this going to cost you. That all depends on the number of services that we discussed earlier you want to include in you plan. If you want just a hobby site then go with a free hosting. If you want to make your surf board business the best one around then use a dedicated server which will vary in price again it’s all about the features you want. I hope these articles have been helpful and informative in the aspect of getting you a web site and a place to host it at.